Monday, April 2, 2012

You can always go home

I live in a small town and can be quite boring during Spring Break when you are a stay at home mom and most everyone else is gone for the week. This year, with my husband away on business, my daughter and I decided to take a road trip to see my family. It's not always the easiest decision because driving four hours with a five year old isn't the most pleasant thing in the world. "Mom, I'm bored" ---even though the back seat is completely littered with toys, books and stuffed animals.  "Mom, I'm hungry"  --- time for a pit stop! "Mom, I have to pee" ---another pit stop. "Mom, what's that?....and that?...and that?...and that? ---get the picture? Not even a little snooze for her on this four hour drive. Finally--as we cross over I-94 and see my hometown spread out before us, I finally relax and take in a deep breath. I can't say I would ever want to live there again but going back for visits always tugs at my heartstrings. 

Although it's not the house I grew up in, arriving at my parents always puts that warm, cozy feeling in me. No matter where my parents live I believe that distinctive smell will be with them. It's the pleasant smell of home...I couldn't even tell you what it is. Maybe it's a certain perfume, candle, or just my mom's cooking. I'll never be quite sure. Enjoying my mom's cooking is always a reason to go home.

Finally we get to relax and simply enjoy the splendors of home. Driving around town is like a walk down memory lane every time. I point out all the things that have changed and remember the way it all used to be. Then there are those certain things I just have to do every time I go to the outlet mall even if I don't buy anything, drive by Lake Michigan, check out how my old grade school is looking, and either enjoy Carlson's root beer and hot dogs or Hacienda Mexican Restaurant. All the while I am pointing out to my daughter all the places I used to go to as a child, where grandma had her hair salon, where great grandpa lived, the route I used to walk from school to grandpa's house, where her daddy and I went on our first date. It's all here...waiting for me every time I visit. Despite what is going on in my own life, I can always take a break and go for a road trip and get my nostalgia fix---because you can always go home.


  1. This actually makes me smile, because I totally get it. Going home is worth the effort, I would say!

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    1. Thank you for visiting my blog! Glad you enjoy my writing--this is a great outlet for it while being a stay at home mom. I will certainly follow you back.


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