Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm a slacker

I have been a slacker lately. I haven't been taking my photo-a-day for summer lately. It is hit or miss with me. But frankly, some days are just too boring to capture in pictures. For summer vacation-that is not a bad thing. It is nice to have those days where we are lazy and just play around the house. However, it would be nice if we had a rainy day to do that but we haven't seen rain around here in about 3's getting bad and I think I'll pass out when we see our next water bill. I would have given up on the lawn a long time ago in this drought but when you are trying to sell your house a brown lawn and dead flowers would not be very appealing to prospective buyers. So here are a couple of days that have been worthwhile to post.

 Summer Vacation: Day 23

My daughter's summer sport is T-ball.  She really likes it, which surprises me. They don't keep score but merely try to hit the ball without the tee for the first few pitches and if they can't hit it then they use a tee. Great introduction for kids 3-6 years old.

Summer Vacation: Day 24

On Day 24 my daughter got to enjoy a day at the Indianapolis Zoo with her grandma, two aunts and four cousins. The Indy zoo is great with a dolphin show and a splash area the kids played around in to cool off. Our daughter has been there at least once a year since she was born. In a few weeks I'm looking forward to taking her to the Indy Children's Museum. As for me on this day--I had a day to myself which is very rare.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Combating the boredom

Summer Vacation: Day 15

Oooh the look on her face! She's sweet as can be but this look makes me beg for school to start--it's the 5 year old attitude coming out. However, on Day 15 she and I enjoyed a walk in the woods in town.  We've been doing a lot of hiking lately. Our kick started when my husband and I went on our anniversary trip noted earlier in this blog. Since then we've been up for hiking anywhere. Our daughter loves it and even did a 4 mile hike with my husband and I  a few days before this picture. 

Summer Vacation: Day 16

We wish we were here right now. I took this picture when we went in October. On Day 16 we made a decision to go back next year. We have two different dates in mind and just have to decide- spring or fall. So, on Day 16 our daughter wanted to look through our Disney book and photo album and we watched a Pooh movie and a documentary about Disney World that was on the travel channel. 

Summer Vacation: Day 17

We went to our local craft store and my daughter picked out a natural wooden mirror to paint. She selected the colors and created this. We finished it off with a clear coat.  She was so excited to put it in her bedroom. Any local craft store often has birdhouses, jewelry boxes, stools, etc. to paint. Easy and cheap craft for any kid. Since my daughter did a couple layers we had to let the first layer dry before doing the next so it actually took longer than just a few minutes.

Summer Vacation: Day 18

As you have probably guessed, crafts are my daughter's favorite thing.  While we were at the craft store the previous day for the mirror we also picked up this fuse bead activity kit. It kept my daughter busy for a while and she was able to use her imagination. If you have never seen one, you put the beads on a peg board that comes with the package. After you are done with the design you put a special paper over it and iron it. You then take off the sheet and take the design off the peg board and flip it over. Put the paper back on it and iron the other side. Let it cool for a minute and it's done. What surprised me was how she did this on her own without me lifting a finger to help (except the ironing part of course!). The little holes also made it easy to put a string through it so my daughter could hang it in her room. She has now done 5 of them in just a few days. I think we'll be going to the store to get more!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Something to call my own: Finally--It's June!

Something to call my own: Finally--It's June!: Summer Vacation: Day 12 Day 12 of summer vacation and the entire weekend in general was simply beautiful. Sunny and temperatures arou...

Finally--It's June!

Summer Vacation: Day 12

Day 12 of summer vacation and the entire weekend in general was simply beautiful. Sunny and temperatures around 70 just made for a perfect weekend. On Day 12 we had some special guests over for dinner and enjoyed some margarita's as well. If only summer could stay this nice; however, I know 90 degree temperatures and humidity will be here soon enough. 

Summer Vacation: Day 13

After hearing all the hype about the Fifty Shades of Grey and the two books that follow, I caved and bought it. I have never been so captivated by a book in my life. If you're a little too conservative or a prude--this book is not for you. However, I found this book to be a fantasy but yet somehow grounded in a sense of reality.  I am excited to get into the second book this week. 

Summer Vacation: Day 14

That time of year again! We signed up for our local library's summer reading program. After reading a certain number of books or reading for a certain time frame the kids get to put their names into buckets to win different prizes.  They also get a free book and other automatic incentives for reading. Along with the reading our library has entertainers such as a puppet show, pirate songs/stories, jugglers, etc. My daughter looks forward to the program every year. It gives us something else to do during the summer and keeps us heading to the library.