Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Welcome Spring...well, right now in Indiana it feels like we skipped spring and went straight to summer.  New beginnings, new starts.  Time to get out and start capturing the first peeks of spring through the lens of my camera. Of course, most days I forget my camera and kick myself for it.  Yesterday we spent the day at the park with friends and enjoyed a lovely lunch with them as well and those are the moments I wish to capture..those everyday simple joys. Capturing my daughter's life here in a town we may not be in much longer is especially crucial now. I also appreciate that it is March and we are so blessed with this awesome weather.

Spring--back to my morning or evening walks, sandals, margaritas, days spent at the park, planning a zoo day, Easter, soccer in the front yard, finding snakes in the creek (which, by the way, my daughter is not afraid of), new mulch, dinners on the deck, starting flower seeds in the house, the smell of the grill and freshly cut grass, and most of all--the sun!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Something to call my own: First Battle--figuring out love and hate

Something to call my own: First Battle--figuring out love and hate: This past week was Kindergarten registration. Oh boy! I think I lost the last 5 1/2 years somewhere--if found, return to me please. When I q...

First Battle--figuring out love and hate

This past week was Kindergarten registration. Oh boy! I think I lost the last 5 1/2 years somewhere--if found, return to me please. When I quit work to stay at home with our daughter it almost seemed I had all the time in the world with her but now the months are ticking down until that first day of full day Kindergarten.  By now, I guess I always anticipated we would have another child and I would just automatically be at home for another 4-5 years. However, that has not been God's plan (as frustrating as it is for us though).  So now in the wake of hopefully moving back to Indy and my daughter starting full day school I have to realize that staying at home all day is just not me....I know I'd get bored to tears once all the 'to do' list stuff was done. Honestly, I never imagined myself as a stay at home mom in the first place and deep down think the work force is where I belong.  The last 5 1/2 years has shown me that I need even more structure, a better routine, more adult conversation, time for myself, and accomplishments I can call my own.

I hated my job before I became a stay at home mom. Well, maybe I didn't hate my job duties as much as I hated the company (out of respect I won't name it).  It had very little to do with my college major but many aspects of it I loved.  Ok...I was preschool/day care teacher but I'll leave the company out of it. I loved teaching, creating art projects, writing newsletters, talking with parents, and partly running the center from time to time.  The experience did show me what I hated--mainly three things:

#1- Unfortunately, teachers and day care workers get paid diddly- and that is a sad fact.
#2- I HATE being stuck in a tiny room all day.  In order to simply go to the bathroom I had to call around to find another available teacher or find the Director then wait for them to come down so I could go.
#3- I am not fond of jobs where I have to try and control people all day. I know I do that now all day with my daughter--but she is my daughter and I raise her as I choose. As a teacher, you are scrutinized with every move you make and frankly, trying to control 10-20 little kids is enough for psychiatric care.

My last job also taught me things that I LOVE (which is why the job wasn't totally horrible):
#1 -- My greatest passion is creating. I was able to create display boards, newsletters, art projects, lesson plans, new games, etc.
#2- I was able to run the center from time to time and I simply loved keeping the center and employees organized, handling crisis (some hate it--I love it), giving tours of the facility, making schedules, and being able to walk around from room to room.
#3- Feeling as though I am contributing/having my own accomplishments. Yes, my daughter is my own accomplishment but every mom knows she needs something of her own outside the home.

So now my task is at hand to figure out my resume after being home for 5 years and figure out where my skills would useful and get the most out of the work aspects that I love. Figuring out what you love and hate is the first battle!

Monday, March 12, 2012

The roller coaster begins

For our family the last ten years have been a roller coaster. So many obstacles, we have issues feeling settled, and we're always dreaming of more. This year is no exception.  At this point in the year we are sitting in the car, buckled in, ascending slowly up and up.  Here soon we'll hit the top and go zooming down to the twists, turns, and loops. I anticipate being upside down at some point and I'm sure we'll throw up sometime through it all. It will be exciting and scary but in the end we'll level out and maybe, finally, be able to get off. 

After owning our home for only a short time, a realtor will soon put a for sale sign in our yard.  Yep, we must me nuts.  We've lived in 4 different places since we got married almost 10 years ago.  Our current home is our daughter's third-- and she's only five. Guess you can say my husband and I are always trying to get life perfect. Yes, we know perfect doesn't exist but we still strive to get as close to that as possible. So, it's back to Indy we go. Yes...BACK to Indy. We lived in a suburb there for 4 years soon after we were married and now we like to think we are going home. We love it there and who wouldn't love going from a 65 min. commute to a 15-25 min. commute.  We could be crazy in this economy but we are also fortunate to live in a town that hasn't been effected like other parts of the country.  We also live in a smaller town where inventory is not high so honestly, you are not competing with a ton of other houses. So many other events (including possibly going back to work when the little one is in kindergarten ALL day) this year will surely make for an incredible roller coaster. Here we go.....

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thank you winter

Is this really Indiana? I have to wonder this winter. We have had next to no snow. We had absolutely no snow days or even delays.  I have been able to take more walks in the mornings this winter than I ever imagined I could. I do love snow days but with my husband having a one hour commute one way we were very grateful for a wonderful winter.  I will admit a little part of me misses my winters of my childhood when I lived further north and 6-8 inches of snow was nothing.
Yesterday we were able to get outside and practice some t-ball before the season begins. Spending days at the park are right around the corner! Spring is upon us and I'm a little excited to see where we will be next winter. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Hoosier Hospitality at its fullest

Friday was a wake up call. Friday was a little too close for comfort.  Whether you live near me or on the other side of the country I am sure you heard about our tornado outbreak on Friday.  Glad to say we came out of it with not even a broken tree limb to be seen. However, only 25-30 minutes from my home as well as 1.5 hours from here tornadoes have ravaged a few small towns.  As our sirens went blaring in the middle of the afternoon I didn't think much of it. In my immediate area we simply got a rumble of thunder followed by a 5 minute downpour then the sun came out. Just south of here a tornado tore through leaving 13 (as of now) dead and many injured.  Again I realized just how lucky we were to be alive and have our home safe and sound. Had it been about 20 miles north we could have been hit. However, I feel horrible for the people who have lost relatives, their home, and memories. If there is one thing that stands out the most about living in Indiana--Hoosier Hospitality. Those communities have come together to help each other out. Stranger helping stranger and having compassion beyond belief is what Indiana is all about. Even in my town our mayor, police officers, firefighters, hospital, and churches have stepped it up to help our neighbors that have suffered such a great loss. I am very thankful and although I shed a tear on Friday,  at the time the tornadoes came through I was baking this cake for a relative. The tornadoes ripped through rural farming areas and this cake now seems only appropriate. Be thankful.