Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year, New Check Marks

2016. I am always shocked by how fast time flies by.  My daughter will be 10 this year. I can't wrap my head around that at all. I know a lot of you out there probably have at least one resolution this new year. Not me. I have found that when making these grand statements around the new year they are simply done out of tradition, habit.  Those resolutions are more than likely dust in the wind by Valentine's Day.

I prefer to envision what I want this year to look like come December 31st. Last year on New Year's Day I saw 2015 as a year of growth and a year that would end with very little waves made throughout the year. In simple speak--I wanted 2015 to be quiet and somewhat boring. I got my wish.  Maybe not all of you wish for a boring year. Who wants boring? We have moved around a lot (selling houses sucks by the way), gone through job changes, had recent years with poor health of close relatives, and in 2015 all I wanted was calm. We got exactly what we envisioned.

Best Christmas present ever!
In 2016 I want to see check marks. Uh? What? Well, I want to knock stuff off a to do list.  I want to make progress and grow by leaps and bounds this year. I already have my first check mark and it is January 4th. I paid off a student largest student loan. This is huge for me. I went to a private college for 3 of my 5 years of schooling and was solely responsible for paying for it myself.  Maybe loans were not the way to go but I got my degree and that is what matters most. Check!

There so many other items on our check list this year such as beginning the process of saving and looking for a house, getting rid of a couple of other bills, get healthy and eat better, get a job,  spend more time with my parents, get out and enjoy the outdoors more, and take my passion further.

For Christmas my husband surprised me with a new camera. For the last year I have not even had the desire to take photos. My camera had failed me. My passion took a back seat and it really effected me. Now, with this new camera, I can once again pursue my passion and maybe take it to the next level and try to sell some of my photos. My husband knows me too well and knew what would get to my heart. He brought my passion back and for that I am grateful.

So here is to a year full of check marks. No grand statements about something big I am going to do or be better at, etc.  Just a year of knocking seemingly simple items off my list.

Happy New Year! What are your check marks for the year?

My new baby. Nikon D7100 pictured here with the 300mm lens with lens hood.

Playing around with my new camera and my daughter now claims my old Canon as hers.

More playing around with the new camera- color selection setting. Picture of our new favorite ornament.

Christmas Day and playing with the new camera

Exploring the settings on the Nikon.