Monday, February 8, 2016

Unexpected Transitions

Me and my dad hanging out in the backyard of my first childhood home.
When I changed the name of my blog last year the meaning behind "Braving Transition" came about while reflecting on my life as I grasp the realization of infertility and accept life with only one child. However, January 2016 has brought about a new definition of "Braving Transition" that has nothing to do with infertility.

After a recent loss in my family I commented to my husband that life had changed. Life has slipped into a new reality without any warning. Transition of generations, passing on traditions that may not be upheld.  As I sat in my childhood church for the funeral and later in the church hall where so many family wedding receptions took place and where I ate lunch everyday while at the Catholic school, I think about those traditions and rich Polish heritage. I wonder if it will all be forgotten with my generation.
Will it all fade away? 

I call my parents more than they call me now just to see how they are doing. On my trip to my hometown last month my mom felt it necessary to explain what all of her last wishes are and what arrangements she and my father would want. I just kept saying, "okay okay, whatever mom. Let's talk about something else".  Yep. It's here. The next stage of my life. By the way...I don't like it. Not one bit. I had this overwhelming feeling that I was no longer just a child in the family being dragged along or told where to go or what to do. I am an adult. We are no longer the ones being taken care of, but rather the ones who have to step up and take care of family around us.

Our daughter is my biggest reflection of life transitions.
I have never been good at change which is ironic considering how much we have moved around. Seeing myself in this new role in life is just as much "Braving Transition" as the realities of infertility. Trying to find your place in this point in time can be a challenge.

Transitions are everywhere, everyday. Nothing stays the same. I know this. I don't expect life to remain static. Even life with our daughter is in transition. This week we have to go shopping because somehow in two weeks none of her clothes fit. What?! We also opened a college fund for her recently.  We test drove new cars this past weekend and I commented that by the time she gets her license she can have the car we buy this year. Wait...what?!? I am not good with change..can you tell?

I can be cliche and say, "Life goes by fast, enjoy every minute". We all know that to be true. What I take from this transition is "what can we learn from the generation before us?", "what can we pass on to our children", and "how can we keep the essence of our family, heritage, and culture alive?"
Those are the questions that come to mind when thinking of this new idea of "Braving Transition". 
What can you learn from your family and your traditions? Think about it. 

My mom, me, and my sister in Williamsburg, Virginia sometime in the 80's.

Me and a Cookie Monster shirt. My dad was an amateur photographer and now I am...transitions at work.