Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Faith, Eggs, Animals, and Windows 8.1

Finally things are winding down for the school year.  I feel as though I have lost the last month or so. My daughter made her First Communion this past Sunday. The day was utterly beautiful. We were lucky enough to have family come in from both ends of the state.  We also were surprised to see an old friend from the town we used to live in at church there to celebrate her niece. Even though we have no close family that live in our town, I do have a second cousin that lives here in our town and it was wonderful that our daughters were making their First Communion together. Despite being new to this town we were happy to have family with us.  But...whew!...that is done.  Sunday school, meetings, a retreat, pictures, and rehearsal and all over in one hour and 15 minutes.  Now we prepare for the end of the year dance recital and last meetings for Girl Scouts. I don't usually like summer but I am looking forward to the break- unless I find a job by then.  
Coloring Easter eggs

Spring break also kept us busy, thankfully.  I always worry about two weeks off with my daughter.  These days I hear, "I'm bored!" way too often.  Week number one we visited my parents.  My mom can really keep us busy. She comes up with all sorts of things to do or will go along with whatever I plan.  We went shopping, had dinner at my favorite hometown restaurant, invited my niece and nephew to a sleepover, got to see some of my aunts, and even squeezed in some genealogy research at the library. The second week it was just me and my daughter (my husband was still on 14-15 hour days).  Her two neighborhood friends were gone and the first day I heard, "I'm bored!".  So we filled the week by seeing the movie "Home", taking a trip to the Indianapolis Zoo, doing more shopping, creating some arts and crafts, coloring Easter eggs, and making Easter sugar cookies. Now that she is older it is much easier to keep her occupied and we have more options for fun. 

I am overjoyed to finally have a new computer. I can't describe the feeling of being able to do more than one thing at a time! Our old computer was about 9 years old and would freak out on me if I required to opening a webpage! Ha ha. Now I can start on a redesign of my blog.  I am not sure yet if I will simply redesign or switch to WordPress altogether. I am teaching myself Windows 8.1 as well as new design techniques so bear with me. I used to do well navigating around computers but technology changes fast and I am trying to keep up.  Some days I feel my daughter knows more than me about computers. Then again, I think my parents probably felt the same way when home computers came around. Ooops...did I just show my age? My birthday is in 2 1/2 weeks and as my daughter says to me, "why are you so old?".  Sigh.  

This is the end result of buying an 8 year old face paint. She did it herself! Unfortunately, she could not get my dad to let her do his face. 

Our speckled Easter eggs

On the carousel at the zoo

Butterfly exhibit at the conservatory next to the zoo

Seeing the polar bear- although he wasn't too active that day

First Communion day finally upon us

My girl isn't so little anymore and it is incredibly bittersweet