Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Talk to me homebuyers!

I am baffled. I am confused. I am frustrated. I am clueless.  These are my sentiments about selling our home. We have been trying to sell our home now for a total of 13 months. We live in a small town so I anticipated it would take awhile to sell since not that many people look for homes in our area.  I did not think by any means that we would soon be facing another fall/winter in this house. We keep a steady stream of lookers, however, with an average of maybe 3-4 showings a month.  There have been some down times with no showings for 6 weeks and other times when we have 3 showings in 24 hours.

Our realtor gets feedback reports from other realtors that show our home.  This is where I am confused and frustrated.  Every single feedback report we have received tells us that the potential buyers love the house.  They love the size of the bedrooms, they love the views, love the deck, love the walkout basement, love how clean it is, and think the price is great.  Okkkaayyyy....then what is your problem? Please tell me because obviously there is something off or your realtor is completely fibbing on the reports.

I have always been one to think, "things will happen when they are suppose to" or "it will all happen in God's time".  However, there is no pushing aside the feelings of frustration. 

Today I looked at houses pending sale in our town online. Should not have done that.  I got even more confused. Houses priced the same as ours but in need of complete renovation are selling, houses priced more than ours but smaller are selling, etc.  Hard to explain without pictures and hard evidence that I won't post on here. So, Take my word for it.

Now the inevitable questions arise as our third contract ends with our realtor that we have had from the start. Do we lower the price (which we can't budge on much)?  Do we list with someone else? Do we take it off the market for awhile...again?

Talk to me homebuyers! Tell me what you are looking for. I am at a loss. The houses that are selling do not have bigger yards than us, they do not have better finishes, they do not have more square feet. I know that the housing market is still recovering, but when your town is spiking and homes are selling all around, you have to question why. Patience is virtue. I have maintained that since early last year but this virtue is quickly disappearing.  Things will happen in their own time...the right time. I hope. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Straight laced blog no more

Up until now I have been somewhat...um...let's say, safe, on my blog. Yes, I have hidden a lot from my blog followers. I have been straight laced.  I see it as boring.  No, I am not necessarily calling my own blog boring. However, you can only go on about the same things over and over again until it DOES become boring.  I have made a commitment to this blog now that I will be more open, honest, truthful and blunt. If you like it, great! If not...see ya! I have held my tongue for the 34 years of my life.  I have learned that it gets me no where.

No one's life is perfect and in no way do I want to portray that mine is.  Nor do I want to come off as 'supermom' because hell, I am far from it. 

So in the interest of this new found freedom to express myself, I will start off with something that lies in my head every single day and I will just put it out there for the world.

It took us three years to have our daughter. She is our miracle child from the trials of infertility.  My husband and I married knowing there was a chance we would never have children. To spare you the details I will say it is a combination of pre-cancer cells and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Our daughter was born 6 1/2 years ago. We have faced secondary infertility now for 6 years.  I would not wish it on my worst enemy.  I have been poked, prodded, injected, lectured, etc.  Really, when do you call it quits?  How can you call it quits when your daughter draws pictures of you with a baby in your belly?  How do you tell your child you quit when she says she looks out her window at night and prays to God for a brother or sister?  I don't know...someone tell me.

I get the fact that very few people know what we are going through. I understand that even the people that do know just don't get it and can never fully grasp the situation. However, understand this and we will all live in harmony:
-I do not want to see your ultrasound...especially plastered all over facebook.
-Do not get your feelings hurt when I choose not to attend your baby shower.
-Do not expect me to jump and down at your announcement that you are pregnant or at the gender reveal.
-Do not say stupid and ignorant things to me such as, "Just relax, it will happen",  "At least you have one kid-be happy", "Do you know how ovulation works?" (Yes, someone ACTUALLY asked me that!), "Go on vacation or forget about it for awhile...then it will happen", "Just adopt", and the worst one...."Just get a hysterectomy and forget about it". 
-Lastly, the WORST thing a couple with infertility wants to hear is that your child was an "Ooops!".

Please people...think before you speak. 

Oh..and on a side note. Never ask a couple when they are going to have kids or why they do not have kids yet.  You never know what is going on privately. Let it be. 

Yes, I have more arsenal in me waiting to me released.  I won't hold back anymore.  I am a Communications major and trust me...I am ready to communicate. Whether you like it or not.  Not every post will be so out there but just expect it more often.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Photos by yours truly....

Love when this tree blooms in my front yard in the spring. I just wish the blooms lasted longer.

Happen to capture this in my in-law's backyard...with my smartphone no less!! Hey, you have to compromise when your camera is not readily available. Not to shabby for a phone pic.
I love these unique flowers in my mother's garden...simply perfect to photograph.
My mother's garden presents endless possibilities for beautiful photos.
Again..my mother's garden. I have no idea where she gets the energy to take care of it all.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Outdoors galore!

Whew! What a crazy couple of weeks it has been.  Finally, some down time since I am alone for the week (at least until my husband gets home each night). Our daughter is spending a week with her grandparents so I expect one exhausted little girl coming home next week.
Last weekend we had a family campout in my in-law's backyard. Seven adults, 5 kids, and 6 dogs running around the farm made for quite an adventure.  The kids were thrilled with water balloons, s'mores, a trek to the barns in which we discovered baby turkey vultures, sleeping in tents and more.

                     Had to keep our dog, Ned, out of the muck of the pond. Usually they love to jump in.

                               Our other dog, Memphis, beat us out to the barns and old farmhouse.

             Baby turkey vultures up in the rafters of the barn. Don't think they were happy we were so close.

                                                                       Yum! S'mores!

Last week we also went to the zoo with the cousins.  Although it was hot outside, we had such a good time and the kids loved the dolphin show, train ride, and splash area. 

After a week of the zoo and then camping out with family we headed to my parent's lake house. We usually only get up there once a year. We are planning to use the house more often and simply have to make the time. It is almost 3 hours from where we live now so it is not easy to get up there all the time.  Our daughter loves it so much.  On this visit she baited her own hook and then caught her very first fish. A highlight of our 4th of July trips to the lake are the fireworks.  We are able to enjoy them right from the pier of the house. 

After our weekend at the lake we dropped our daughter off at my parent's house to stay for a week. She doesn't get a lot of alone time with my parent's since they live 4 hours away, so this is a great opportunity for them to enjoy a week with her. I am looking forward to hearing about everything they experienced this week.

I am excited to see what the last four weeks of summer vacation have in store for us.  It has been a true adventure so far!