Thursday, June 9, 2016

Simply Summer

It's summer! It is a short summer for us..only 8 weeks.  We are packing in a lot of pool time and family time in those two short months. My daughter starts 4th grade at the end of next month and that is still hard for me accept.  She is in those full blown 'tween' years. Ugh. Can we say diva?

I am also working hard on getting to know my camera better and working with different settings. I haven't had time to work in Photoshop lately so my pictures are true to form right now.  I am not a big fan of altering pictures anyway. 

Hopefully my next blog post can have a little more meat to it, but with a 9 year old around whose favorite summertime phrase is, "I'm bored!", I am keeping busy.

Until next time.....

Last Day of 3rd grade!
The sky was beautiful. So I took a picture.

Our female duck that hangs around the yard.

Got some good shots of our female duck that hangs around.

I don't have much of a green thumb...I kill plants. I had to snap a picture before they die.

Another plant I will probably end up killing. LOL.

The two ducks that come every morning and evening to eat the bird seed that falls on the ground in our yard.

The birds get crazy around our feeder. They go through it all in less than a day. 

Beautiful bird that comes around a lot.


Enjoying the beautiful weather during summer break.

Enjoying the if I could just pry the electronics out of her hand.....