Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas projects!

Here we are- a few days before Christmas. This is my favorite time of year--usually.  Some years are better than others. This year has been a particularly stress-free holiday season.  I cut my shopping list down considerably.  Feeling like I have to buy for everyone was getting a little ridiculous. This Christmas I made it a point to enjoy the season and not focus on buying "stuff"...because really, that is all it is--stuff. We gave some of my daughter's old baby stuff away to people who needed it.  We also baked cookies, watched Christmas movies together, bundled up and went for a nighttime drive to see Christmas lights, and we enjoyed my husband's office Christmas party.  This is the way the holidays should be.

Although some tragic events have happened in this country lately, it has only solidified that the holidays are NOT about stuff, but rather the moments we create with those we love.  I have seen so many people spend eye popping amounts of money on gifts for people and talk about how much they have to buy or how much they have spent and wear it like a badge of honor.  Honor? I don't think so. 

I also decided to make some personal, cheap gifts for a few people this year. Hopefully I am not spoiling it this close Christmas--but luckily, these particular people do not access the internet! Here is the latest project I had my daughter make (which, of course, I got off of Pinterest):

I bought a simple ceramic type plate from our local grocery store. I have heard that glass type plates do not work with this project.  The plate has to be able to be put into the oven.  The plate cost me $1.75 and I already had the markers.  A gift for under $2.00!

My daughter used colorful Sharpie's to create her own masterpiece on the plate.  We also made sure to write her name and year on the back of the plate. After designing the plate we put it in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

Voila! After cooling off, I did try rubbing off the markers and it stayed on.  I would probably recommend not putting them through the dishwasher or using any abrasives on the plate. I will probably advise our receivers to hang them with plate hangers or use them for light snacks or just to hold something such as jewelry or candy.  They make great keepsakes for special loved ones. 

I have a few more personal gift ideas but the holidays have come so quickly I think I will save those for a couple of birthday's fast approaching.