Friday, July 6, 2012

July already?!

It has been awhile since I last posted...that is a good thing! We are actually busy this summer and I realized this morning my daughter only has 4 1/2 weeks left of summer vacation. Yes, they go back way early due to a new 'balanced calendar' for the upcoming school year. I never expected the summer to fly by like it has and now I think we may not get our 'summer bucket list' done...oh well, we're having fun and time is flying by. I have managed to get my resume down on paper and now I have to actually type it out. The thought of getting a job after 6 years off is more than a little scary but totally exciting as well. In 4 1/2 weeks we start a new chapter in this family and I think we are more than ready.

So these photos are grouped together because the last two weeks have a been a blur (visiting family, baseball game, graduation party, Chicago, swimming, movies, genealogy research, 4th of July, and on and on). I picked out a few, however, because I have taken about 350 pictures over that last two weeks! My only regret was not getting a photo of my daughter riding a horse for the first time! Bummer!

 Summer Vacation: Days 25-45

Yum! Yum! My daughter and I made ice cream sundae's. I compromised on chocolate ice cream because with a sundae I prefer vanilla.

We hooked up the sprinkler in the front yard and she got a kick out of leaving her footprints on the driveway.

Beat the heat! We spent 5 days visiting my family in Northern Indiana and got to swim in my sister's pool a couple of days. Well needed since most of the country is in a heat wave.

Mmmmm....Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville in Chicago at Navy Pier.

Navy Pier! We had a wonderful day and luckily the storm came while we were eating lunch. This is my favorite skyline--I just love Chicago!

Every time we visit Chicago we have to go to the fountains...yes, that tower with a face on it is a fountain. Water runs over the top and when the face makes an "O" with its mouth it squirts out water. The faces change every minute or so on each tower (can't see the other tower in this picture).

Got to enjoy an evening at South Bend Silverhawks minor league baseball game.

Evening on the porch at my parent's house. So serene and beautiful...I can only wish to have a house like this someday.
My parent's house is a treasure of photo opportunities!


  1. fun pictures!! gives summer a good name!!
    happy July.

    1. Thank you for checking out my blog! July is already flying by.

  2. What a great time! I am a new follower. Hope to see you at True Aim.

    1. Thank you for following! I will certainly check out your blog and follow back.

  3. Looks like a wonderful summer and very relaxing. Sometimes you need to take a break so you can come back with something wonderful such as this post. Have a great Saturday and I hope the next 4.5 weeks are filled with as much fun as the first 1/2. My child just got out school yesterday so our summer vacation is just beginning.


    1. Thanks for following...I will certainly follow back! Wow, just got out of school?! Crazy how schedules are so varied all over the place. Enjoy your summer as well.


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