Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm a slacker

I have been a slacker lately. I haven't been taking my photo-a-day for summer lately. It is hit or miss with me. But frankly, some days are just too boring to capture in pictures. For summer vacation-that is not a bad thing. It is nice to have those days where we are lazy and just play around the house. However, it would be nice if we had a rainy day to do that but we haven't seen rain around here in about 3's getting bad and I think I'll pass out when we see our next water bill. I would have given up on the lawn a long time ago in this drought but when you are trying to sell your house a brown lawn and dead flowers would not be very appealing to prospective buyers. So here are a couple of days that have been worthwhile to post.

 Summer Vacation: Day 23

My daughter's summer sport is T-ball.  She really likes it, which surprises me. They don't keep score but merely try to hit the ball without the tee for the first few pitches and if they can't hit it then they use a tee. Great introduction for kids 3-6 years old.

Summer Vacation: Day 24

On Day 24 my daughter got to enjoy a day at the Indianapolis Zoo with her grandma, two aunts and four cousins. The Indy zoo is great with a dolphin show and a splash area the kids played around in to cool off. Our daughter has been there at least once a year since she was born. In a few weeks I'm looking forward to taking her to the Indy Children's Museum. As for me on this day--I had a day to myself which is very rare.

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