Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's officially summer in this house

Well...here it is. The first day of summer vacation. Not at all how I expected it to go. We were going to attempt to start our 'summer 'o fun' but we're off to a rocky start. Instead of going to the Children's Museum today my husband and I spent the day in agony-sick with a stomach bug. Our daughter, god love her, attempted to help us get better.  Kids can surprise you when it comes down to it- she also kept herself entertained most of the day. I fully intend to do most of the things on our summer list but that will have to wait a few days.  I will also attempt to post a picture on here of everyday of summer vacation. I tend to start things and then forget about them but I will try my hardest at keeping up with the pictures.  In between our summer 'o fun activities I will be working on my resume. I am still tearing my hair out on a resume approach for a mom who has been out of the workforce for almost 6 years. I think "2006-present: Stay at home mom--yes, that is a job." How about that?

And so....summer begins with a bang! Just hope it is not a sign of the upcoming months.


  1. Oh my! Sorry to hear how you started summer. Hopefully you are feeling better! I'm a new MBC follower and look forward to your future posts. Your writing is fantastic!

    1. Thanks for following. I've actually been following your blog for awhile now and look at it weekly. I love your posts. Your pictures are great too. Keep coming by to visit!


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