Monday, March 19, 2012

First Battle--figuring out love and hate

This past week was Kindergarten registration. Oh boy! I think I lost the last 5 1/2 years somewhere--if found, return to me please. When I quit work to stay at home with our daughter it almost seemed I had all the time in the world with her but now the months are ticking down until that first day of full day Kindergarten.  By now, I guess I always anticipated we would have another child and I would just automatically be at home for another 4-5 years. However, that has not been God's plan (as frustrating as it is for us though).  So now in the wake of hopefully moving back to Indy and my daughter starting full day school I have to realize that staying at home all day is just not me....I know I'd get bored to tears once all the 'to do' list stuff was done. Honestly, I never imagined myself as a stay at home mom in the first place and deep down think the work force is where I belong.  The last 5 1/2 years has shown me that I need even more structure, a better routine, more adult conversation, time for myself, and accomplishments I can call my own.

I hated my job before I became a stay at home mom. Well, maybe I didn't hate my job duties as much as I hated the company (out of respect I won't name it).  It had very little to do with my college major but many aspects of it I loved.  Ok...I was preschool/day care teacher but I'll leave the company out of it. I loved teaching, creating art projects, writing newsletters, talking with parents, and partly running the center from time to time.  The experience did show me what I hated--mainly three things:

#1- Unfortunately, teachers and day care workers get paid diddly- and that is a sad fact.
#2- I HATE being stuck in a tiny room all day.  In order to simply go to the bathroom I had to call around to find another available teacher or find the Director then wait for them to come down so I could go.
#3- I am not fond of jobs where I have to try and control people all day. I know I do that now all day with my daughter--but she is my daughter and I raise her as I choose. As a teacher, you are scrutinized with every move you make and frankly, trying to control 10-20 little kids is enough for psychiatric care.

My last job also taught me things that I LOVE (which is why the job wasn't totally horrible):
#1 -- My greatest passion is creating. I was able to create display boards, newsletters, art projects, lesson plans, new games, etc.
#2- I was able to run the center from time to time and I simply loved keeping the center and employees organized, handling crisis (some hate it--I love it), giving tours of the facility, making schedules, and being able to walk around from room to room.
#3- Feeling as though I am contributing/having my own accomplishments. Yes, my daughter is my own accomplishment but every mom knows she needs something of her own outside the home.

So now my task is at hand to figure out my resume after being home for 5 years and figure out where my skills would useful and get the most out of the work aspects that I love. Figuring out what you love and hate is the first battle!

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