Monday, March 12, 2012

The roller coaster begins

For our family the last ten years have been a roller coaster. So many obstacles, we have issues feeling settled, and we're always dreaming of more. This year is no exception.  At this point in the year we are sitting in the car, buckled in, ascending slowly up and up.  Here soon we'll hit the top and go zooming down to the twists, turns, and loops. I anticipate being upside down at some point and I'm sure we'll throw up sometime through it all. It will be exciting and scary but in the end we'll level out and maybe, finally, be able to get off. 

After owning our home for only a short time, a realtor will soon put a for sale sign in our yard.  Yep, we must me nuts.  We've lived in 4 different places since we got married almost 10 years ago.  Our current home is our daughter's third-- and she's only five. Guess you can say my husband and I are always trying to get life perfect. Yes, we know perfect doesn't exist but we still strive to get as close to that as possible. So, it's back to Indy we go. Yes...BACK to Indy. We lived in a suburb there for 4 years soon after we were married and now we like to think we are going home. We love it there and who wouldn't love going from a 65 min. commute to a 15-25 min. commute.  We could be crazy in this economy but we are also fortunate to live in a town that hasn't been effected like other parts of the country.  We also live in a smaller town where inventory is not high so honestly, you are not competing with a ton of other houses. So many other events (including possibly going back to work when the little one is in kindergarten ALL day) this year will surely make for an incredible roller coaster. Here we go.....


  1. Lots of moving for a civilian! :) I know as a military wife we move quiet a bit too. However, I do look forward to calling a place home eventually!!! New follower from MBC. Swing by and follow back when you get the chance! <3

    1. Yes...someday I know we will be settled. I hope! I've gotten used to the whole moving part. Thanks for following! I'll be sure to follow back!


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