Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Change: the good, the bad, the ugly

Yesterday, a neighborhood kid came to our door to play with my daughter. He was so sad.  He told me he was sad because he didn't have very many days left to play with my daughter.  They are moving.  Not only do we have our house for sale but our neighbors do as well. They haven't sold, but are moving anyway. Now it gets real. 

We moved to this small town near my husband's family thinking we would set down roots.  Little did we realize the toll the commute to work would have on my husband.  Little did I realize there are no jobs here for a Communications major like me.  Now, as we sit and wait for an offer on the house, it is becoming very real that soon we will not be here.  This town that we have called home for so many years is where my daughter has made friends.  She has played T-ball and soccer.  She joined Girl Scouts.  Starting all over again is exciting and at the same time- pretty damn frightening.  We are not completely entering uncharted territory.  We are moving back to where we lived when our daughter was born.  However, we never lived there long enough to have roots.

My daughter, god bless her, tells me things like, "we will be closer to grandma and grandpa K.", "we will get to see Daddy more!", and "I can't wait to see my new school".  Really, god bless her.  She is so optimistic and adventurous.  I only point out the positives to her, never the negatives. I never want her to fear change. I want her to embrace it.  I tell her we can even come visit her friends here once in awhile.  We are only moving about 70 minutes away.

Our neighbors sad eyes yesterday made realize the time has come for both families to move on.  Whether we sell or not we will be moving out before she starts second grade.  We made that commitment for our daughter. 

The key for me, a fear phobic,  is to take one day at a time.  Thinking about the details, how my daughter will handle it, the job search for me, the search for a home, etc., is too much at once.  One day, one step at a time is the only way to go.  All you can do is focus on the positives.

Last night as I watched my daughter and the neighbor rolling down the hill in the backyard laughing hysterically, I smiled knowing that once we move and get settled she will have friends to laugh with again.  She will be fine.  We will be fine.

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