Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer wrap-up

Today was the first day of school. Where did the summer go?  Now that summer vacations are shorter for us, they seem to disappear in the blink of an eye. It could also have something to do with the old phrase, "Time flies when you're having fun!".  We had tons of fun this summer. 

Our "Summer Fun List" was half checked off. I had all these ideas and grand plans on that  list but over the course of the summer plans took on a life of their own and we did things we never expected.  A run down:

-Visited an Amish animal farm and got to hold a goat, feed a camel, and visit with an Amish family.
-Stopped at an Amish cheese shop and taste tested way too many cheeses.
-Ate at a train themed restaurant in which we could explore a train car, engine and old train equipment.
-My daughter took the train into Chicago for the day with her grandma and rode on the double decker bus.
-Enjoyed many days on the slip-n-slide with friends.
-Took lunch out to the park and enjoyed a couple of lovely afternoons there.
-My daughter enjoyed lots of swimming while visiting my family.
-Had a campout with my husband's family which included a walk in the woods, a balloon fight and a campfire.
-My daughter got introduced to her favorite author/illustrator who is also her cousin. He then gave her a 'tattoo' on her hand.
-Enjoyed a family reunion on my husband's side.
-Spent a few days at my parent's lake house with the added adventure of getting stuck on the lake after a boat issue.
-My daughter caught her very first fish (baited the hook herself too!).
-Went to a state park for the day with my mom, niece, and nephew.
-Ate at a restaurant that floats on the Ohio River.
-My daughter lost her first tooth and her second tooth.
-We watched caterpillars turn into butterflies with a butterfly house.
-Attended a free movie at our local theater and a water show at the library.
-Played T-ball and did pretty good I might say!
-Went to the Indianapolis Zoo where we enjoyed a dolphin show and cooled off in the splash park.
-My daughter had swimming lessons and finally went underwater by herself. Victory!
-Learned to play croquet.
-Went bowling.
-My daughter got her first taste of red velvet cake at my aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary.
-Climbed the rafters in the barn on the family farm to see baby turkey vultures.

WHEW!! That is just everything I can remember off the top of my head. No wonder the summer flew by!

Now onto first grade and back to the routine.  A little relieved we are slowing down a bit. With my daughter's absolute refusal to play soccer this fall we are laying low with only Girl Scouts.  Hopefully dance lessons will be in the near future too.

Closing the book on another fun filled summer.  Summer's always remind me why I am a stay at home mom. So blessed.

My daughter, my mom and niece at a state park.

Climbed up the observation tower and could see the Ohio River.

Enjoying a day at the state park.

Fun times at my mom and dad's house.

We really enjoyed our day at the Amish farm.  So many animals to see...some I have never even heard of!

Getting a 'tattoo' by her cousin, Will Hillenbrand, who is an author/illustrator.

A fun day at the Indianapolis Zoo with cousins.
Her very first catch! Baited the hook all by herself. That's my girl! At my parent's vacation home.

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  1. I love the photos and I love the recap of summer activities. Enjoy these times as they will be tomorrows treasured memories.