Monday, July 8, 2013

Outdoors galore!

Whew! What a crazy couple of weeks it has been.  Finally, some down time since I am alone for the week (at least until my husband gets home each night). Our daughter is spending a week with her grandparents so I expect one exhausted little girl coming home next week.
Last weekend we had a family campout in my in-law's backyard. Seven adults, 5 kids, and 6 dogs running around the farm made for quite an adventure.  The kids were thrilled with water balloons, s'mores, a trek to the barns in which we discovered baby turkey vultures, sleeping in tents and more.

                     Had to keep our dog, Ned, out of the muck of the pond. Usually they love to jump in.

                               Our other dog, Memphis, beat us out to the barns and old farmhouse.

             Baby turkey vultures up in the rafters of the barn. Don't think they were happy we were so close.

                                                                       Yum! S'mores!

Last week we also went to the zoo with the cousins.  Although it was hot outside, we had such a good time and the kids loved the dolphin show, train ride, and splash area. 

After a week of the zoo and then camping out with family we headed to my parent's lake house. We usually only get up there once a year. We are planning to use the house more often and simply have to make the time. It is almost 3 hours from where we live now so it is not easy to get up there all the time.  Our daughter loves it so much.  On this visit she baited her own hook and then caught her very first fish. A highlight of our 4th of July trips to the lake are the fireworks.  We are able to enjoy them right from the pier of the house. 

After our weekend at the lake we dropped our daughter off at my parent's house to stay for a week. She doesn't get a lot of alone time with my parent's since they live 4 hours away, so this is a great opportunity for them to enjoy a week with her. I am looking forward to hearing about everything they experienced this week.

I am excited to see what the last four weeks of summer vacation have in store for us.  It has been a true adventure so far!

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