Thursday, February 21, 2013

My passion has taken a backseat to life

Life has been chaotic around here lately.  As I organized folders on my computer I came across some photos I took this past fall. I think that was close to the last time I even picked up my camera.  Then again, I let photography go by the way side every year about this time because I am more of a nature photographer. Let's face it--dreary days, brown grass, no leaves, no flowers equals no inspiration for photos. Here are some of my photos from October that will hopefully get me pumped up for spring peeking around the corner.

My mom has such creativity in her yard. Definitely my favorite place to shoot!

Captured this on the railing of our deck.

The sun glimmering through the trees at some nature paths near our home were beautiful.

Again..I just love my parent's new home. Talk about inspiration!

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