Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I should be used to this!

Our current home. Hate to leave it but better things are to come!
My husband and I have been married for almost 11 years.  As I talked about in posts last year, we have lived in four different places since we married.  We are attempting to make that five places in 11 years.  We have simply tried to find a place to settle that suits us. We now know where we belong and are attempting to get back to Indianapolis.  Of course this economy is not the greatest for selling, however our greater obstacle is the specific wish list of people in this small town.  Most people that look at our house want the basement finished, a fourth bedroom, and are scared as to what will be built behind our house (just more of the subdivision).  Sorry, not going to finish the basement only to have to raise the price of our house to recoup at least part of that expense. We can't change the fact that we only have 3 bedrooms.  Lastly, we live in a subdivision! So, yes, more houses will be built behind us at some point.  Really---I should be used to this!

When my mind wonders I think about the actual moving process and I start freaking out. Actually moving your stuff is never pleasant, but to do it for the fifth time in 11 years is ridiculous.  We have made a commitment that our next move is our last for at least 10-15 years.  We love Indianapolis and can't wait to get back. All the details are enough to drive anyone insane.  Do we try to buy as soon as we sell? Do we rent and then take our time looking? Do we build? what school will our daughter go to? What sports or activities will be available for our daughter?  What church will we join?  Whew! 

We have everyone asking us if we are house hunting yet.  Simple answer: Heck no!  Why?  When we sold the last house we owned we moved out before closing because it was 'possession at closing'.  So we packed up our stuff and moved over an hour away and got settled about 10 days before closing. There was no indication anything would stop the closing.  Wrong! 36 hours before we were to close on our home the deal fell through because the buyers couldn't close on their home.  We were devastated. We now had to continue to take care of an empty home one hour away.  Two months later we finally got a solid closing.  I will not go through that again. I will be sure we close on our home before we move.

Again..I should be used to this!  However, my nerves are never used to this. If you have a sold a house before you should understand.  You get a phone call telling you that you have a showing in 24-48 (or less) and you then scramble to get the house cleaned.  I also have a 6 year old coming behind me making even more messes. Showings themselves are not easy either when you also have to  get two big dogs out of the house.  At the same time moving causes anxiety (as it would to any normal person), it is also an adventure and will improve our lives dramatically. Life is a roller coaster and I have learned to trust that it will all work out the way it should. I have to have faith that it will sell in 2013. I should be used to this!

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  1. hi there love your blog can't wait to read more. i hear ya on the moving when my husband was in the army we moved quite a bit since he got out i am so glad not to do it anymore lol


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