Thursday, September 1, 2016

This is the end. Goodbye.

Welp, this is my last blog post.  After much thought I have decided to end my blog. I can't say I will never do a blog again, but the next one I do will probably be subject specific such as photography or genealogy. I have decided to end this blog for many reasons.

Love this rock in my parents yard. Sums up my mood about this.
For starters, Braving Transition isn't so much synonymous with my life anymore. Before, I was in this constant state of change whether it be looking for job, moving, dealing with PCOS, or living through infertility.  We have accepted that God blessed us with only one child and no more.  God wanted us to put all our energy and focus on one precious gift--and that we will do.  The next chapter of our lives has begun and I truly feel like 'braving transition' doesn't describe my life anymore.
I have also met some wonderful women with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) online and I now feel there are other ways for me to spread awareness of PCOS and continue to support my 'cysters'.

We are also in the process of beginning our house hunt again and I am totally excited about this. We have found our happy place, our final place, our home within this town. This is where our new roots finally begin and we couldn't be happier. Even our daughter is fully adjusted to our new town and absolutely loves it. She talks about being a cheerleader for the high school in the future and walks around sporting our towns sports gear. Go Bulldogs!! The warm welcome we have received from this town brings tears to my eyes.  Home.

Another reason for ending my blog is my desire to take a step back from the internet and social media. I am finally taking control of my anxiety and as anyone knows the internet and social media can play games with your mind.  Distractions are the devil's way of taking focus off of God's purpose for you.(My own little quote I thought of today).
If I do start up another blog it will focus solely on a hobby of mine and simply be an extension of something I enjoy doing already.  It will not stray from a specific topic.  I need to do that to protect myself and my mental well being.

At the end of this month we will also close another chapter...we say goodbye to the lakehouse. So many memories there over the years. It will be so so missed, but the time has come to hand it off to someone else.

A third reason for ending this blog is my daughter.  She is older now and getting into those sticky, unpredictable preteen years.  I don't feel I can talk about her as much anymore because it shouldn't be my decision to put her out there to the world on a blog that is totally public. She is becoming her own person with her own issues and wants and I need to respect her privacy.

Lastly, I am ending this blog because relationships I have are not a two way street anymore. I am a Communications major. It is my nature to be an open book. I have shared my PCOS, my infertility, and my basic private life on this blog.  In doing so, most everyone I know is quite familiar with what goes on in my life.  I also recognize and respect the fact that most other people are not as open as I am with their life. That is ok. Nothing wrong with that.  However, there also comes a point when your book is wide open and yet everyone around you has a book that is glued and nailed shut.  You realize that you know nothing about those around you. You come to see those relationships as a one way street. It is then that you need to pull away, ironically, to strengthen relationships.

I have enjoyed having a blog to release my creative side and share my experiences with PCOS, infertility, motherhood, and basic transitions in life.  I hope to use my creativity through other avenues like photography and writing. I hope to work more with some other wonderful women on spreading PCOS awareness.  I also hope to help others going through infertility as my husband and I put that chapter behind us.

Life is messy, unpredictable, transitional, and a roller coaster filled with love, hope, and triumph. To each his own but live everyday like it is your last.


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