Thursday, July 21, 2016

Summer wind down

6 days. My daughter starts 4th grade in six short days.  This summer went by way too fast.  Time runs out for more summer activities. However, we were lucky to be able to keep busy and still fill this summer with great memories.
I have been busy going through my 500+ pictures from the last month and working in Photoshop with what little time I have lately.  Yep, 500+.  That is what happens when you are an amateur photographer and just snap away at anything that inspires you.  I took over 150 pictures at the beach/lighthouse in my hometown.  I can't remember when I was there last at sunset so I took advantage of the beautiful sky and clicked away.
We also got a good downpour of rain at my parents house and as soon as it stopped I took a walk around the yard snapping away at my mother's gorgeous landscaping. I am always in awe that she takes care of it all herself (with some mowing done on my dad's part).
I am also getting used to utilizing a tripod--as I did with the moon picture.  Still need some practice with that and with shooting a night.

So, as I enjoy this last week with my daughter, here are some pictures I weeded out of those 500+.


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