Thursday, December 11, 2014

It's December already?

Our tree! 
Distractions run a muck this time of year. Thanksgiving kicks it off.  We had plans to travel like every holiday since we have no family close by. This year? Bob Evans. Yum. Not that we planned it that way.  We were set to drive two hours to my in-laws for the day but my daughter got sick. Rather than torture her with a total of four hours in the car that day we ate Bob Evans and put up our Christmas tree. We basically replayed the year I was pregnant with our daughter. We could not go anywhere that year either because I was ready to pop any day and we had to stay close to the hospital. Traditions go out the door those years but sometimes that can be a breath of fresh air.

A few days after Thanksgiving we celebrated my daughter's 8th birthday with a 'Frozen' themed party for relatives. Can I just say this....and I know others will agree with me....I am getting sick of 'Frozen'. It is everywhere.....EVERYWHERE! Being a communications/public relations major I do give them props though for monster marketing that is successful beyond measure.

Then comes Christmas shopping, decorating, baking, and more travel. I get a reprieve in that my husband's company decided to have their office party after the new year...whew. One less item to deal with before Christmas. This year Christmas is with my family about 2 1/2 hours north of where we live. Santa Claus is still prevalent in our house so gift planning and logistics of moving the merchandise north is tricky. She is not as naive as she used to be. I become the gift ninja.

Between holiday and birthday festivities I am job hunting.  Ok, well maybe I have abandoned that a lot until after the new year. Mostly right now job hunting means beefing up my portfolio, hunting for a great interview outfit and reading books to help me 'reinvent myself'. Yes, apparently some of these books think I am verging on 'old' and have to keep up with hip twenty-somethings by watching 'Keeping up with the Kardashians', hanging out at Starbucks, and finding some 20 year-old to dress me.  Okay, okay-the book did not say it in those exact terms but I can read between the lines. So I went to Starbucks today. Check that off my to-do list. However, someone will have to point a gun to my head in order to get me to watch the Kardashians.

'ole girl is getting old but still serves me well
In the last week I have also heard my camera crying, "come play with me Jennifer. It has been so long!". However, I hate this dreary time of the year so I have been snapping pictures of weird stuff around the house working on my love-hate relationship with light. People always ask why I don't start photographing people. I hate people. No, not people in general- just photographing them. They move around too much and a good majority are not a fan of getting their picture taken.  I much prefer nature and still life. Calm and quiet.

I have also been working on some projects. I cannot talk about them or show photographs until after Christmas. I am excited to show you my crafty side which is still in bloom.

I hope the holiday spirit is washing over all of you! Breathe deep and enjoy family.

Thank you Pinterest for birthday decor ideas!

I made the cake with specific direction and detail from my daughter...don't judge! 

It cannot be a party without M&M's, right?

"Mom, I want a regular cake AND cupcakes!" 


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