Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Karate chops and pictures....

Pictures make me happy. Taking pictures makes me even more happy. I hate my camera and will be saving for a new one soon (including a sweet 300-800mm lens--I hope) so these pictures are from my phone.  Plus, I forgot my camera when I visited my parents a few weeks ago.  That always bums me out because their property makes for some beautiful photos. 

After my lousy day I felt the need to post some pretty pictures. Whether you think they are pretty or not is beside the point.  The shots I took are from my place of serenity.  They make me forget that I wanted to karate chop my doctor this morning when he told me I was getting older and probably needed to transition out of this  7 year 'trying to have another baby' stage. Of all the things on this earth...THAT made me feel old. 

I am also in a photography and blogging rut.  I need new ideas and fresh perspectives. I am thinking of a redesign of my blog and maybe switching to WordPress so bear with me if I decide to do this. Or maybe I am procrastinating my job search. Who knows?!

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