Monday, April 7, 2014

Uh oh...THAT day has arrived!

The day has arrived. Two years in the making. The moment when my husband and I looked at each other and said, "Oh S%#*!! This is real now!".  Our house in pending---almost two years to the day that we originally put it on the market.  When you sit around for two years waiting for a sale you get complacent. You start to think it will never happen.  Then the offer comes in and your head starts going in a million different directions. Just on the surface: How in the hell are we going to move all this stuff? Who can help us? Can we take the dogs with us to our temporary housing?  Will our daughter adjust to a new school? What will it be like to make new friends again? Will we even find temporary housing? Will the closing go through? UGH! So much to think about but yet we are doing what is best for our family.

Word of advice: Don't move unless absolutely necessary.  It sucks. The little details are the most stressing of all.  Switching banks, finding new doctors, getting our daughter into new activities, joining a new church. Enough to throw anyone into a panic attack.  I have been through this many, many times before with our many moves but it never gets easier.

You would think we would be used to this by now.  This will be our fifth home in our 12 year marriage. We have never been in one home longer than 4 years.  Let's just say we never feel settled. We have made a promise that our next home (after temporary housing) will be our last. I don't think anyone can ever get used to moving.

This life transition is bittersweet.  We have met some very incredible people in our little town. Over the years this small town has felt too small at times.  Everyone knowing everyone else's business. Obvious cliques exist like high school days.  Above all that, however, is a safe, small town full of pride.  I can go for a walk anywhere in this town and tell you who lives in what house. That comfortable, safe feeling is what I will miss most of all.

I know the best part is yet to come though. My husband will go from a 1 hour 20 minute commute one way to 15 minutes one way. We will also shave off over an hour drive to get to my parents.

The next couple of months will be crazy but well worth it in the end.  Life has been quite an adventure since my husband and I got married and the loops and turns keep coming.  Who wants a boring, straight-laced life anyway?!


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