Friday, June 14, 2013

A Tooth Fairy Visit

After months of complaining that all her classmates had lost a tooth, my daughter was finally in 'the club'.  She was starting to get frustrated considering she is one of the oldest kids in her Kindergarten class and was one of the last to lose a tooth. 
The tooth was loose for a little over a week so the Tooth Fairy had time to plan a special note for her. Ever since she lost the tooth she has been flashing her smile to everyone.

All smiles! We enjoyed one of her first days of summer vacation with lunch at McDonald's and she lost her tooth after she bit into her hamburger. She was completely over the moon. 

We made up a note to leave for tooth fairy.  My daughter was actually the one who found this little glass container to put her tooth in.  We simply wrote "Tooth Fairy" on the side with a sharpie. 

Obviously, I blurred out my daughter's name.  However, you get the idea.  She was so excited to get a special note just for her from the tooth fairy.  I hope the tooth fairy leaves another note the next time my daughter loses a tooth! 

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