Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Summer bucket list

Honestly, I have no idea where the school year went.  My daughter's Kindergarten year went by in a blur and although it makes me sad she will be starting 1st grade already, I am happy her first year went so smoothly.  I still won't forget the first day of Kindergarten. As we pulled up to the front steps, I was explaining to her where she needed to go.  She somewhat yells at me, "I know what I am doing mom!" Okaaayy. Great. She doesn't need me. As I say "I love you", she just simply slams the door in my face and runs up the front steps. I am happy I have such an independent girl, but sometimes she is just too grown up.  However, I also know that sometimes she puts on a front because she doesn't like to have people see her upset or cry. She HATES that.  So, as her mom, I know she was quite nervous. Here we are...only two weeks left of school.

With summer comes a double edge sword. I love that I will have time with her, we can sleep in, we can do fun activities.  However, it also means less of a schedule, not getting many chores done around the house, and trying to keep her occupied and my sanity intact.  So, ever since she started preschool I have come up with a summer bucket list.  The check marks on this year's list might not be as abundant as last year since the summer is now shortened, we may end up moving mid-summer, or I may find a job. Maybe my blog readers can use some of these ideas as well.

I can't say we will accomplish this entire list. Usually summer goes by so fast that it is over before I realize it.  With the new balanced calendar, the summer is now only 8 weeks long.

Along with this list we plan on spending a week at my mom and dad's house in June. We are hoping to take the train into Chicago, go to the Dunes National Lakeshore, and Amish country. In July we also hope to spend a few days at my parent's lake house.  Nothing like fishing, relaxing and spending time out on the boat.

As long as I have a plan the summer is not as chaotic as it could be.  It helps me keep calm and have structure-- which I desperately need.  Here's to another great summer ahead! I will survive!


  1. Oh, I need to write a list up! I cant believe Summer is almost here already! Following from Mommy Bloggers. www.myhopewhispers.com

    1. Thanks for following! I will certainly follow back. Yep, hard to believe summer is here. Two weeks from today is my daughter's last day. Aaahh!