Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Now what?

This day has been sitting here waiting for 5 years, 8 months, and 10 days- give or take.  I dropped my daughter off for her first full day of Kindergarten this morning. I had to be more nervous than she considering our conversation as we pulled up to the front of the school.
Me: "Ok, now you know you go in the front doors, go left, down the hall..." (I got cut off).
Her: "I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING! Don't worry mom!"
Me: "Love you"
Her: Slams the door and runs off.

Certainly thankful it went that way and not a couple of scenario's I had in my head of a screaming, reluctant girl.  On the drive home I start to plan out my day. My first day of freedom.

1. Go for my 1 hour power walk
2. Do dishes
3. Vacuum
4. Sew up a few things I haven't had time for

So I get home and get right to my list. started at 8 am and I'm done with my list by 9:45. Five hours and 15 minutes to go. Now what? Without "Mom I'm hungry", "Mom, play with me", "Mom, I need ______!", "Mom, let's go to the park"...etc. I was a little lost.  I found myself with dishes done, floors clean, beds made, laundry done, dogs taken care of, bills paid, recent photographs ready for a 2013 calendar submittal and then....nothing. The house was so quiet except for the occasional bark of one of my dogs at something only they seem to hear. Being a stay at home mom is great but maybe only when you actually have a child at home all day. I need something or someone to keep me on my toes all day and my two dogs laying around like lumps isn't cutting it.

Day one down and the only conclusion I can find is---I need a job.


  1. I missed my daughter when she went off to 1st grade last year and will miss her again when she goes to 2nd grade. But, no matter what, the time fills up! (Of course, my husband would say that this is my fault.) Definitely take some days to enjoy yourself and then embark on your next journey!

    Following you from MBC.

    Mel S

    1. Thanks for following! I will follow back. I am definitely taking a few days to enjoy some free/quiet time. Then on to new things!

  2. Hi I just found your blog on MBC and I am now following. I have one more year before my first day of freedom... well actually I'm currently pregnant again so I guess that means that I have 5 more years.... Great post! We other SAHM's are here for you during you down time... so keep in touch! Would love for you to follow me back at Tips 4 Saving

    1. Thank you for following my blog. I will be sure to follow back!

  3. My daughter's first day of school was similar.. She ran right inside with no fear.. I went home and bawled.. She starts he sophomore year of high-school today and wants to drive herself *sniff*


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